Certified Organic Gyokuro Powder (bottle)

Product Name: Certified Organic Gyokuro Powder (bottle)

Amount: 2 oz

Serving: Make 100 cups or 50 water bottles (16 oz in size)

Health Benefits:

Gyokuro is great for focus and concentrations as well as for getting sustained engergy thoughout the day (according to our customerbase!)

    Alkalizes your body system
    Great source of natural antioxidants (137 times more than any other teas!)
    Detoxifies body systems
    Cleanses the blood stream with chlorophyll
    Speeds up metabolism
    Regulates digestion and prevents constipation
    Cleanses the digestive tract
    Speeds up recovery time of body system
    Great source of energy
    Balances mental state for good relaxation
    Weight loss
    Improves allergies and allergies and eczema
    Protect liver function
    Helps rejuvenate the skin’s healthy glow
    Slows aging process
    Prevents food poisoning (Antibacterial Properties)
    Reduces the risk of cancer
    Promotes good oral hygiene and prevents cavities
    Prevents the increase of cholesterol
    Control high blood pressure
    Lowers blood sugar


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Certified Organic Gyokuro Powder (bottle)

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